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Understand Aperture & Depth of Field

Posted by Learn Photo on Kamis, 10 Desember 2015

Whenever talking about photography and cameras, the words aperture and depth of field will often come out. Well in this article belfot will try to help you understand aperture and depth of field so that is clear enough for beginners.
Understanding Aperture

The definition of the aperture is a measure of how big the lens open (Aperture Lens) when we take photos.

When we press shutter button, hole in front of our camera sensor will open the aperture setting, well who determine how big the hole is open. The bigger the hole is open, the more the amount of light that will go read by the sensor.

The aperture or opening is expressed in units of f-stop. Often we read the term openings/aperture 5.6, in language more formal photography can be expressed as f/5.6. As expressed above, the primary function of the aperture is as controlling how big a hole in front of the sensor. The smaller the f-stop number means the bigger the hole is open (and the more incoming light volume) as well as otherwise, the larger the f-stop number the smaller the hole open.
So in reality, setting the aperture f/2.8 aperture means a much larger dibandingkaan setting f/22 for example (you will often find the term fully open hearing chatter of the photographer). So the wide openings means fewer numbers f and narrow aperture means greater numbers f.
Understanding Depth of Field

Depth of field DOF, is a measure of how far the plane of focus in a photo. Depth of Field (DOF) which means that most of the width of the object (from the nearest object from the camera to the farthest object) will look sharp and focused. While the narrow DOF (shallow) means only part of an object at a certain point that sharp while the rest will be blur/focus.
To get the DOF wide use of small aperture settings, suppose that f-22 (small aperture makin makin widespread focal distance) – see the example photo above. While for the narrow DOF, use aperture possible, e.g. f/2.8 see example photo below.
The concept of the Depth of this Field will be much useful especially in macro photography and portrait photography, but actually all the specializations will need it.

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